BIM (Building Information Modeling)

The idea of BIM is to impact the entire building life cycle, from conceptualization to demolition, in 3D. A three- dimensional, real-time, dynamic building modeling software and edddison are used to increase productivity in the AEC industry, building design and construction.


Digital Prototyping

It enables customers to experience their ideas digitally early in the design process and visualize and simulate real-world performance. Designers, architects, managers and stakeholders can thus play an active role in the design process and quickly understand the impact their decisions have on space, layouts and materials.


Experience, train, teach and understand

Explaining complex topics and technologies is difficult and time-consuming. It is hard to present these in a way that clients can grasp and visualize. By using edddison you can create applications to facilitate understanding and learning.


Applications for Sales

edddison enables non-professionals to sell, visualize and experience any product or process.


Simulate the real world

Applications for training, digital story boarding, law enforcement, movie set design and crime scene reconstruction. For every industry that is simulating, planning and presenting digitally in 3D. It’s up to you ‒ be creative.

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