January 16th, 2018       Autodesk Stingray - by thomas kienzl

Autodesk discontinues Stingray

On January 7, 2018, Autodesk will stop sales the Stingray game engine.

Autodesk says. “Our customers are increasingly standardizing on two game engines, Unity and Unreal Engine for both games and VR/AR authoring” “Both engines have built extensive content and resource ecosystems for developers to leverage. We feel we can better serve our customers by working more closely with Unity and Unreal Engine rather than trying to develop our own alternative.” Read more
Note: Unity and Unreal had a strong presence at AU 2017.
Read about the Unity – Autodesk cooperation.


What happens to edddison for Stingray?

Stingray won’t be sold anymore as a standalone product. But Stingray is still part of 3D Max interactive. Autodesk says: “3ds Max Interactive will be developed based on usage and user feedback.”


edddison for Stingray is edddison for 3D MAx interactive now

Use edddison with Max 2018 to export interactive walk through´s.


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