Design procedural virtual urban spaces in Unreal

The free Unreal Engine is a marvelous piece of technology for modeling architecture and urban structures in 3D and since its release its getting more and more followers.

Live Navigation with Enscape3D

REAL-TIME RENDERING by edddison + SketchUp + Enscape3D!

edddison documentation

Just in time for 2020 we are happy to announce that we completeley reworked our documentation for all our product solutions!

edddison update 2.1.1

Update only if you are using a new IDS camera Rev. 2 and/or if you have problems with the media viewer.

Streaming Unity / Unreal and edddison

First streaming test Unity / Unreal and edddison.

edddison product update 2.1.0

The latest release of edddison is here!

edddison is now available as a subscription

We moved from a perpetual licensing model to a subscription-based licensing model.

edddison for Tecnomatix Plant Simulation is out

“edddison for Plant Simulation” is a planning and storytelling tool. It enables you to involve clients, managers and colleagues in the design process.

Usecase - ÖBB Infoworld

Another ÖBB installation to inform the public about the new railway track from Vienna to Graz to Klagenfurt to Italy.

Interactive visualization for Energie Steiermark

Energie Steiermark is currently planning one of the biggest education and training centers in Austria. The firm edddison technologies and their partner firm 3D-Schmiede, based in Graz, were chosen to create the interactive visualization.

edddison for Tecnomatix Plant Simulation release

For all users who like to present better in 3D

edddison for Interviews3D

edddison for Interviews3D

edddison is out

What is new?

Breaking new exhibit at Autodesk Gallery

Experience the virtual, interactive Vamma Hydroelectric Power Station on the 2nd floor in San Francisco

HP Software Development Agreement. Siemens Software Technology Partner

Sprout by HP and HP Z 3D CAMERA. Siemens Software & Technology partnership.

Autodesk discontinues Stingray

On January 7, 2018, Autodesk will stop sales the Stingray game engine.

edddison product update

Please Log in and download the latest software.

„Morgenstadt: City Insights“ How do we want to live and work in the city of tomorrow?

edddison technologies and dav-it are partnering to present, discuss and exhibit interactive solutions to visualize future cities.

edddison and Siemens announce partnership

The edddison plug-in integrates perfectly into the Siemens Tecnomatix Plant Simulation

Product update: edddison for Unreal is released

edddison introduces its Unreal Epic Games plug-in

edddison simplifies moving in Virtual Reality scenes - VR locomotion done right

edddison utilizes operators to move users inside VR scenes, resolving many issues when using a VR headset.

Product update: edddison supports HP Sprout Pro G2

We proudly present the edddison 1.2.6 interactive 3D solution supporting the brand new Sprout by HP G2

Bring 3D models to life in a “digital factory planning process” with Siemens software

The edddison Plant Simulation integration is an interactive, user friendly 3D layout tool to configure and walk through your factory before it becomes reality.

edddison finalizes marketing collaboration with HP Inc.

HP Inc. and edddison technologies OG have agreed to engage in various joint marketing activities.

edddison update 1.2.5

Whats new? edddison provides new apps to interact with the 3D model, available for iOS and Android. The software comes with new features.

Demoing edddison at great events

Thanks to our partners HP inc., Siemens, Techdata and Stabiplan who made this possible.

edddison&Stingray on HP Sprout at AU MIDDLE EAST

Autodesk University December 6, 2016 at Dubai World Trade Centre. Learn. Connect. Explore. about Autodesk solutions. For peoble who design, build, make and create.

edddison on Sprout Pro by HP is available

The perfect computer to be creative and make sophisticated 3D mixed reality presentations

edddison unveils a plugin for Autodesk Stingray

Use Stingray for astonishing real-time visualizations

edddison at StabiCAD User Meeting 2016

November 15 is the day. The event for MEP engineers. Theme 'We are BIM LIVE”

edddison demonstrates how to bring 3D models to life with Siemens PLM software

Siemens' collaboration partner, edddison technologies recently demonstrated early prototypes of its interactive tool that can be integrated seamlessly with software such as Siemens Line Designer and Plant Simulation, during the Digital Factory Experience Tour at PLM Connections Europe in Berlin, Germany.

Where to experience edddison next. AU, RTC, AU LV

Pass by, experience edddison and meet the team on following conferences and events.

PLM Europe - Siemens, 2016 Berlin

We will demonstrate early prototypes of an “Siemens Line Designer” and „Siemens Plant Simulation” edddison integration. A cooperation with Siemens.

High-tech innovator brings 3D models to life

edddison gets customers, designers and managers to stop being spectators and start communicating interactively with virtual 3D models.

tracking was € 390 and now is for free

The tracking was an extra module and is now part of edddison. Not only that it is significantly cheaper, it simplifies the installation process.

Apps for tablets - technical issues

How to use a browser to navigate on any touch-screens device

3D SketchUp Basecamp 2016

Break down the boundary between the physical and the digital world.

Meet the team of HP at Spiceworld, London

Experience edddison for Sprout at the brilliant IT conference

edddison on HP Sprout

The first time I saw the HP Sprout, I had a spontaneous idea

Discover edddison at AU 2015 LAS VEGAS, December 1-3

Fore more Insight. Innovation and Inspiration, pass by at booth #4 and the Hewlett-Packard booth #332"

experience edddison at COP21 in Paris

edddison is used as a presentation technology in Paris de L´Avenir / Paris of the future. Exhibition at “Bassin de Parc de la”

edddison plug-in to Autodesk Stingray

A perfect combination, Stingray for astonishing real-time apps and edddison for interactive walk throughs

Impressionen Autodesk University Germany 2015

Besonderes Interesse an unseren interaktiven Lösungen für Autodesk Navisworks und Autodesk Stingray.

edddison and KOMMERZ - how are the two companies related

edddison’s mission is to provide tools users need to create, design and present 3D data in an intuitive and natural way. KOMMERZ sells visuals – from interactive applications and animations to renderings.

Nobatek used edddison and SketchUp to communicate an urban project

“Land pressure,” "noise," and "the danger of flooding" make people nervous. To avoid upcoming problems, Nobatek used up-to-date 3D technology

Turn a point cloud into an interactive presentation in a few clicks

A "Point cloud" made by laser scanning, Autodesk Navisworks, edddison - how you can combine these tools.

edddison versus mouse

Task: Walk through a virtual house, look for the green cube and move the cube to the bathroom

Improve the quality in SketchUp with LightUp and walk through with edddison

edddison and LightUp are plugins for SketchUp that can be combined easily to extend its capabilities.

edddison at European SketchUp Basecamp 2015

September 9th and 10th in RIBA in London.

How to use an IKEA SYNAS lamp to walk through a SketchUp 3D model

Need a cheap walkthrough tool for your 3D file? Buy a IKEA SYNAS Lamp for30$, download a SketchUp file at Warehouse and edddison.

Experience edddison at Autodesk University Germany

Machen Sie Navisworks Daten interaktiv

Why we decided to support following 3D software

edddison is not a new real-time 3D software, it is an add-on for common 3D software like Unity, SketchUp or Navisworks.

MR - (mixed reality) versus AR - (Augmented reality) in the AEC industry

Some prospects think edddison is an AR (Augmented reality) solution. Well, it isn´t, it is mixed reality. Let me explain the difference in detail:

Make a walkthrough in your Navisworks files

edddison unveils a solution to make Navisworks files interactive

Autodesk University 2014 will ignite your imagination

Don't want to miss this year's AU

Camera tracking system comparison

edddison camera vs. webcam

Autodesk University Germany 2014

“talk and exhibition”

MRI Design Review System

Demo on ISMAR 2014

Success at Siggraph

We launched edddison in America

Travel diaries

edddison visits other technologies at Siggraph

How to use my Revit, Max, Maya, Cinema4D and other 3D files with edddison.

The best way is to use Unity3D which works with edddison.

edddison is working with WebGL

With it the only thing you need to view a 3D file is a web browser.

Applications: Serious Games and Sales

Sell, experience, train, teach and understand

Applications: Simulate the real world

3.-Simulation in crime-scene-reconstruction, law enforcement training, stage applications among others.

Applications: BIM and Digital Prototyping

5 Creative ways to interact with 3D content using edddison

User groups

edddison is Powerpoint for 3D

MRI and edddison

edddison is based on MRI.

The edddison toolkit biotope: Interacting

Interact with your 3D software in a smart way

The edddison toolkit biotope: The basics

Get the best out of our edddison platform.

Autodesk University 2013

First impressions of edddison at Autodesk University 2013

Why edddison

edddison is a brand new product.

Why interact with 3D files?

Why interact with 3D files?


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