November 11th, 2014       System - by Julia Herold

Camera tracking system comparison

edddison camera vs. webcam

In order to make sensible walkthroughs in virtual buildings its necessary to have a tracking device. Common tracking software deploys cameras; edddison is no exception. In order to obtain the best results, it is important to select the most adequate camera for the platform.

edddison offers one version of tracking software: edddison tracking

We highly recommend the high resolution possibility. Our different kits contain a high quality camera specially designed and optimized for the edddison system. Their high-resolution lenses enable best and stable marker tracking results on greater surfaces. These “megapixel” 12mm lenses are also re-changeable for better possibilities.

With our platform and the adequate optical equipment is possible to use printed plans and tangible objects to navigate the 3D data. Our edddison tabletop for example, can track up to DIN A0 this is 120 cm (47inch) when the camera is at a height of 60 cm (24inch).


 Even if it is possible to use high quality camera or standard webcams, experience suggest that the high quality variable allows better results and continuous stability.

The webcams market is very diversified; they are multiple possibilities for all type of customer requirements and budgets. The capacity nevertheless is relatively proportional to the cost, where cheaper cameras generally translate in poor quality. A very important consideration to make at the moment of pairing the camera with the edddison system is the capabilities of the lenses, since their characteristics -wide angle or not- determine the distance to the plan and the tracking effectivity. Our experience is that a middle class webcam is to for plans up to DIN A2 with a marker size of about 35 to 40 mm.

 Your smartphone can also operate as webcam allowing you an easy walk through data and providing you with great versatility. You can use Android or iPhone.

For Android smart phone is possible to use for example droidcamX. A connection with the PC can be done through USB cable, bluetooth or Wifi.

For Apple system (iPhone) we recommend FaceTime, Mobiola, WebCamera , PocketCam.

But there are hundreds of apps available for such purposes.



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