September 24th, 2019       Uncategorized Update - by Thomas Kienzl

edddison product update 2.1.0

The latest release of edddison is here!

What is new

• Add viewpoints

• Add stationary objects

• Allow or block movement in X, Y or Z direction of moveable objects

• Allow or block rotation about X, Y or Z axis of moveable objects

• Allow or block changing visibility of stationary and moveable objects

• Media viewer is 4k ready. Add images and videos to your presentation

• Export floor plan, 3D object, viewpoint and animation images

• Enhanced editor UI

• Extended media viewer settings

• Extended auto start settings

• Add network settings

• New edddison license handling

• Siemens Plant Simulation: control simulations, auto generate floor plan, 3D object and viewpoint images

• Overall performance optimizations

• Network communication optimization

• Improved stability

• Bugfix: in some cases the connection to the plug-in was lost


New software module

• edddison viewer software for free. Every subscription license comes with three  additional viewer licenses.

• Open and run a “non-editable” edddison configuration on a computer without extra costs.



New! edddison for Siemens Tecnomatix Plant Simulation plug-in

• Works with Plant Simulation 15.0


edddison for SketchUp plug-in

• Release for SketchUp 2016-2019

• Bugfix: Some objects were not rotated about their center


edddison for Unity plug-in

• Release for Unity 2018, 2019


edddison for Autodesk Navisworks plug-in

• Release for Navisworks Manage/Simulate 2016-2020


edddison for Unreal Engine plug-in

• Release for Unreal Engine 4.21, 4.22 and 4.23

• Bugfix: edddison lost links to 3D objects in editor mode

• Bugfix: The calculated size of 3D objects was incorrect


The controller app

•  Redesigned from scratch. Completely new controller app design.

•  New feature: Viewpoints. Guide to different locations with one click

•  Control simulations (available for Plant Simulation)

•  Media viewer for image, slideshow and video objects

•  Updated Android app

•  Updated iOS app

•  Better connection options in Wi-Fi networks to connect tablets and smartphones

•  Shows moveable objects in real size on the floor plan

•  Switch visibility for stationary objects

•  Shows thumbnails for bounding box, moveable and stationary objects

•  Shows thumbnails for image and slideshow objects

•  Set to full-screen in browser

•  Set POV camera control: ‘Multi-touch rotation’ or ‘Follow my finger’

•  Set POV camera touch delay-time

•  Set playground brightness

•  Set side panel transparency

•  Set side panel modes: ‘Overlap’ or ‘side-by-side’

•  Set playground zoom mode: ‘Off’ and ‘manually’



•  We moved from a perpetual licensing model to a subscription based licensing model.

•  The existing software and licensing will continue to work, but you will not receive updates any longer for the existing software 1.3.4. Read more on our blog.


For developers

•  edddison plug-in API extended



•  edddison for Sprout by HP is not part of the standard installer but available on request.


Our goal is to make edddison even better. We hope that you will welcome the new features.

Let’s bridge the physical and digital worlds.


The edddison team


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