July 23rd, 2018       Uncategorized Update - by Matthias Udwardi

edddison is out

What is new?

The editor

New: add Viewpoints. Guide to different locations, with one click

• New: fixed 3D objects are stationary objects now and made a big step forward

• New: moveable 3D objects: each degree of freedom of the input device can be blocked separately

• New: 3D objects: set the object visible or invisible independent of the input device

• New: 3D objects: set whether an object should be a camera target object

• New: choose interaction behavior (marker strategy) at edddison tabletop or/and projection device

• Update: improved project upgrade

• Rename: field of view is zoom now

• Update: increased supported image size of viewer and bounding boxes to Full UHD (8k, 7680 x 4320)

• Media viewer: change image or video directly in the edddison UI

• Media viewer: set background color in viewer settings

• Media viewer: show a close hint after opening a full screen view


• Update: supporting Unreal Engine 4.19

• Unreal Engine Plugin now supports movement and visibility of ‘attached’ StaticMeshActors. Manipulate a group of StaticMeshActors at once

• Update: supporting Unity 2018.2

• Update: Unity plugin: launch edddison with Unity Play button disabled

• Update: plug-in for SketchUp Pro 2018

• Update: plug-in for Autodesk 3ds Max Interactive

• Update: plug-in for Autodesk Navisworks. Works now with Navisworks 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016

• New: set roll and pitch of 3D objects in Navisworks

New: improved performance of moving 3D objects in Navisworks


• Not all viewer settings were saved

• Printer and controller icon were not shown on start if project was automatically started

• Better handling of projects with unknown plugin types

• The automatic loading of a project with an unsuitable plugin has been disabled

• Markers of moveable objects were initially positioned at left bottom corner of playground

• Better error handling if configured hardware devices (screens) are missing

• Thumbnails in edddison controller were sometimes not displayed

• After creating a new bounding box the old one was still visibly marked

• USB camera handling: improved UI responsiveness

Remote controller dialogue: shows all available controller URLs now

The controller app

•  New feature Viewpoints. Guide your viewers to different locations, with one click

•  Switch for stationary object

•  Show thumbnail image for viewpoint, moveable and stationary object

Drop 2D and start working in 3D!

The edddison team


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