How it works


What it is:

Add more value to your 3D file and turn it into an interactive presentation.


3D is great to work with. The main problem is how to handle and navigate through 3D presentations with mouse and keyboard. It is tricky, requires special skills and is limited to a single user. edddison enables everybody to prepare, navigate and view 3D files and applications. It allows non-technical users to easily develop and present real-time 3D applications without programming skills.

What edddison can do better. User benefits:

– Instant usage – zero training
– Fluid, interactive group presentations
– Includes touch devices or physical objects for natural interaction
– Ideal for building walk-throughs
– Simple authoring – forget about time-consuming scripting work
– Works with many standard 3D software programs
– Keep your proven, existing workflow




How it works – technology

edddison is a platform of different programs, plug-ins and interface technologies. It allows users to control 3D software like Unity, SketchUp and Autodesk Navisworks with hardware such as mixed reality tools (tangible objects & webcams), touch devices and tablets.

The platform consists of

1- Plug-in: supports stand-alone 3D software

2- Editor: allows non-technical users to develop interactive 3D applications in no time

3- Hardware: navigates the 3D view

What makes it unique

Millions of users cannot be wrong! Instead of developing a new 3D software, we decided to design add-ons to proven, widely used 3D software: edddison allows the integration of familiar software including Autodesk Navisworks, Unity3D and Trimble SketchUp. Others will follow.

Floor plans and navigation areas

A floor plan is needed on the control device to ensure perfect orientation in the 3D view. With edddison it is possible to maintain constant orientation in spatial environments. This solution provides better recognition between 2D (plan) and 3D (view) information. This is the main reason for the split screen mode. A navigation area limits the possible space of movement. Never get lost in 3D files again!

Devices to interact: Touchscreens, tablets

Use a tablet to remote control the interactive 3D file. edddison supports iPads, Android tablets and every touchscreen.

Devices to interact: tangible objects

Adding edddison markers (unique bar-codes) to any tangible object generates control objects. Printed markers are tracked seamlessly by a camera, that sends the coordinates (position, angle) to the 3D software. Control objects are the first visible items for users. These objects are the real representatives of your ideas inside the virtual world – they help you navigate through the 3D data. We recommend designing these objects in a careful, creative and customized way for each project. These figures can be produced using 3D printing, laser cutting or simply by printing them on paper.

Multi-User Experience

edddison also enables multi-user and multi-hand control, making 3D data navigation a collective experience. In future, edddison will come with a collaboration feature, which will enable several people to work together on the same 3D file, via the Internet too.


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