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Why interactive 3D applications?

Interactive real-time 3D visualization is making its way into architecture, construction, engineering and design. Users can explore the virtual building in real-time. The technology helps you to tell a story and even non-technical users can view and understand product designs, projects and buildings.


Regular tools like mouse and keyboard are not suitable for navigation. Programming skills are needed to prepare interactive projects.


• edddison is an authoring tool for non-programmers to create interactive 3D applications

• edddison simplifies the navigation and handling of 3D models

• edddison combines existing 3D software and hardware input devices in one system

edddison helps

For users: Understand and imagine design to make faster decisions. edddison helps real estate developers, architects, designers, managers, marketers, constructors and trainers to better explain, advertise, design, plan, simulate and sell projects.

For the technician: The editor helps creating interactive 3D presentations faster. Add a control-interface to the 3D software without coding.




What makes it unique

We decided to develop an add-on to proven, widely used 3D software including Autodesk Navisworks, Unreal Studio, Unity3D, Trimble SketchUp and others.

Floor plans and navigation areas

A floor plan on the control device ensures perfect orientation in the 3D view. It is possible to maintain constant orientation in spatial environments. This solution provides better recognition between 2D (plan) and 3D (view) information. A navigation area limits the possible space of movement, so never get lost in 3D models again!

Devices to interact: Touchscreens, tablets, Sprout by HP

Use a touch device to remote control the 3D model. edddison supports iPads, Android tablets and every touch-screen.

Devices to interact: Mixed reality setups

Adding edddison markers (unique bar-codes) to any tangible object generates control objects. Printed markers are tracked seamlessly by a camera, that sends the coordinates (position, angle) to the 3D software. Control objects are the first visible items for users. These objects are the real representatives of your ideas inside the virtual world – they help you navigate through the 3D model. We recommend designing these objects in a careful, creative and customized way for each project. These figures can be produced using 3D printing, laser cutting or simply by printing them on paper.

Multi-User Experience

edddison also enables multi-user and multi-hand control, making 3D data navigation a collective experience. In future, edddison will come with a collaboration feature, which will enable several people to work together on the same 3D model, via the Internet.


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