September 11th, 2019       System Update - by Thomas Kienzl

edddison is now available as a subscription

We moved from a perpetual licensing model to a subscription-based licensing model.


It is the best way to ensure compatibility and faster improvements to the software

edddison is an add-on for 3D software. Now we offer the same business model as most of the 3D software producers, so no licensing problems can occur in the daily drift.

Trend. Gartner reports that “by 2020, more than 80 percent of software vendors will change their business model from traditional license and maintenance to subscription.”


Your subscription benefits

Save money. Every subscription license comes with three free additional viewer licenses. Open and run a “non-editable” edddison configuration on three other computers without extra costs.

More license options. Per seat subscription or floating license.

Floating license. There is no need to buy extra licenses. Use your software at home, when traveling or anywhere.

Always up-to-date. Get the latest updates for free. A subscription entitles you to all product updates, including major and minor releases, released during your membership period. You always have the latest version, regardless of when you bought your license.

Get the software you need for as long as you need it. Subscribe 3 months or annually (1 year).

It makes budgeting easy for you, so you can control your spending.

Allows customers to easily scale up or down without worrying about extra paperwork.


Our subscription benefit

Closer customer relationship. As the software producer, we´d like to build a closer relationship with our clients.



You can still use the existing edddison software

You still have access to previous versions (up to 1.3.4). But you will not receive updates in future.



We bridge the physical and digital worlds.

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