October 30th, 2015       News - by Thomas Kienzl

edddison plug-in to Autodesk Stingray

A perfect combination, Stingray for astonishing real-time apps and edddison for interactive walk throughs

Because mouse and keyboard are not the right tools to make a walk through in realtime 3D applications we developed edddison. edddison supports Autodesk Stingray, the brand new real-time rendering software. It lets you import Revit files via 3D Max. It is both a 3D game engine and real-time rendering software for the AEC industry.

Whether you’re a developer creating 3D games or a design professional creating real-time visualizations, the Stingray engine helps you produce visually stunning 3D experiences. A direct link to 3Ds Max and real-time rendering enables you to walk through designed spaces before they’re built. About Stingray

Our first edddison for Stingray demo:



Written by Thomas Kienzl


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