September 7th, 2017       Uncategorized - by Matthias Udwardi

Product update: edddison for Unreal is released

edddison introduces its Unreal Epic Games plug-in

Epic has established a professional sector for Unreal, named “Enterprise”, which is already the leading real-time rendering technology within the interactive entertainment industry. Unreal Engine has been quickly adopted by non-games development teams and their clients for a huge range of projects across automotive, aviation and architecture. edddison now has a plug-in for Unreal to enable easy walk-throughs and navigation.

For more information

• Download an edddison for Unreal demo and experience the amazing quality (e.g. the Farnsworth House designed by Mies van der Rohe, built in 1950 and risen again as a virtual building in 2017)

• Download an example project including the edddison plugin

• Have a look on our tutorials page

• Visit the edddison for Unreal product page

Unreal Engine 4 Enterprise


The edddison team


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