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edddison update 1.2.5

Whats new? edddison provides new apps to interact with the 3D model, available for iOS and Android. The software comes with new features.

New features & apps to interact

The edddison apps on a tablet or smartphone works like a remote controller and let you easily walk through your 3D model.

• App: Support iOS 9 for iPhone and iPad

• App: New better interface to connect

• A 3D object can be movable or static in the scene

• Unity 5.5 support

Changelog edddison version

• New feature for 3D objects: Set object in scene movable or fixed.

• Update 3D objects API: Option to use an integer ID to reference a 3D object.

• Update 3D object: Visibility management improved. It was not possible to switch a 3D object to visible without moving it.

• Update edddison controller: Add Field Of View slider to target point of view.

• Update edddison controller for browsers: In some browsers, touch events were interpreted as multi-touch. Recommended browsers are latest Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

• Updated SketchUp extension.

• Support for SketchUp 2017.

• Update build-in browser: Starting build-in browser in window mode. Use F11 to toggle full screen mode. Use ESC to quit.

• Updated Projection Viewer and Touch Interface: Exchanged core engine of view and touch to achieve better performance.

• Improved project start: position and orientation of 3d objects are restored in the scene form previous edddison session.

• Improved project import.

• Updated HP Sprout Pro touch mat controller.

• Updated graphical user interface for HP Sprout Pro device.

• Minor updates to the editor graphical user interface.

• Corrected Target Camera look at height to half height of target’s bounding box.

• Bug fix: The height of the 3D object was reset to zero when it was moved by a tracked tangible object.

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