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edddison update 2.1.1

Update only if you are using a new IDS camera Rev. 2 and/or if you have problems with the media viewer.

Industrial camera

edddison supports cameras from IDS Update to 2.1.1 if you are using cameras Rev.2

Install drivers manually. How to do.

1:Disconnect (unplug) IDS Camera

2:Uninstall edddison tracking software (MRI). Then delete tracer folder (if there are files in the folder).

3:Install or repair IDS driver

4:Run new edddison setup 2.1.1 (Log-in and download at the Dashboard)

Following IDS cameras are tested


-UI-1221LE-M-GL Rev. 2

-UI-1541LE-M-GL (monochrome)

-UI-1541LE-M-GL Rev.2 (monochrome) Requires edddison 2.1.1


Note: Choose board camera or cameras with housing.


Marker IDs of edddison media viewer objects which are no longer in use, are not released.


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