August 11th, 2014       News - by Julia Herold

edddison is working with WebGL

With it the only thing you need to view a 3D file is a web browser.

WebGL means 3D in an Internet browser without requiring a plug-in. So the 3D file runs directly inside the browser and can be manipulated or controlled in real-time.

The Web Graphic Library (WebGL) offers a JavaScript API that allows live 3D interactive rendering on most of the standard web browsers. The clear advantage of the technology is that any device capable of running programs is at the same time responsible of the accelerated image processing, all within the system of the browser. It uses the capabilities of the computer’s graphics card, allowing developers to set up interactive real-time 3D graphics that can be useful in visualization.

What can be done with WebGL:
•    Video games
•    Education
•    enhanced videos
•    applications for real estate
•    apps for architecture and design

As a premium company for 3D visualization, edddison technologies has been devoting time to improve the usage of our edddison for WebGL. The following demo video shows how it works:




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