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Which 3D software is supported?
Currently, edddison supports the following 3D software:

  • Unity 3D 5.x or higher
  • Trimble SketchUp Pro and Make 2014 or higher. It should also work down to 2008.
  • Autodesk Navisworks Simulate and Manage 2015 or higher
  • Autodesk 3ds Max Interactive 2.1 or higher
  • Unreal Engine 4.15 or higher
  • Interviews3D 2018 or higher
  • Tecnomatix Plant Simulation 13.2 or higher


I’m working with a different 3D software. Can I still use edddison?
Yes, we recommend to use Unreal Engine or Unity 3D, because 3D files can easily be imported. For huge datasets we recommend Interviews3D. Further information on this topic can be found in this blog-post.


What else do I need to get edddison running?
Windows 7, 8 or 10


Can I use a Mac?
edddison does not officially support Macs. But Windows 7 or 8 on a Mac should work.


Can I get a demo of the software before purchasing it?
Two week trial versions are available, except for Interviews3D.


How many times can I install the paid software?
You may install all paid products on up to three computers for use only by the same user. You may not use all three installations simultaneously.


Do I need an edddison hardware (camera kit/projection table/ edddison tabletop) to use edddison?
No. You can also present your project with edddison using a tablet or touchscreen. Also you can use your webcam, jin this case you need also the edddison tracking. If you want more than one person to interact with your 3D world at the same time, we recommend that you use the tabletop or the projection table.


Which tablets can I use to navigate?
Android tablets 4.1 or higher. We have tested older Android versions, usually they work. An edddison Android app is available.
An edddison iOS app is available also.
Another opportunity is to use a browser on any device and type in the IP address which can be found in the edddison editor.


Can I also use the edddison app on my smartphone?
Yes, on Android-based smartphones as well on the iPhone. But the screen is small.


Do I need an internet connection to use edddison?
edddison itself does not require an internet connection. However, if you wish to control your objects via a tablet, you need to have your PC and your tablet connected to the same WIFI.


What are markers and control objects?
A marker is a physical or virtual control object. In the case of physical markers, they are printed bar codes, whose position coordinates can be read by a camera, allowing you to navigate in your 3D file. Markers can be added to any tangible object. These figures can be produced using 3D printing, laser cutting or simply by printing them.
On touchscreens or tablets, virtual control objects take the place of real control objects.


When using the edddison camera kit/tabletop/projection table, I need control objects. Where do I get these from?
Be creative. You can use whatever object you can find (toys, little wooden pieces etc.), as long as the marker can be applied on a straight surface. You can download files for printing in the download area on the website.
If you buy the edddison projection kit or the edddison tabletop, there will be a little figure (little eddd) included. Obviously, you can also design your own objects and print them with a 3D printer.


Do I have to print new markers for every project?
No. Obviously, you can reuse the markers that you already have. Just set the marker numbers in the edddison editor to the ones you already have printed.


Can I use more than one device (tabletop/tablet/projection table) at the same time?
Yes. It is possible to use several devices at once, although this can lead to the same confusion as using more than one mouse on the same PC.


How does the rear projection system work?
A projector projects a floor plan onto a glass slab. The glass is covered with a rear projection film. A camera and IR LED stripes are mounted under the glass. The camera looks through the glass and tracks the printed marker on a control object. Please read the tutorial on rear projection.


What is the difference between the free cam and the target cam?
The free cam can move around freely, so you can decide what you want to look at by turning the camera. The target cam always looks at a set target. This is ideal if you want to walk around your object to see it from all sides without ever losing it from view.


Why can I add only one free cam / one target cam?
To avoid confusion, each type of camera can only be used once. This helps you keep your edddison project clear and simple.


How do I set the target of my target cam?
Any moveable object can be set as the target of your camera. You can also set more than one target, in which case the camera always looks at the object that was moved last. If you don’t set any moveable object as a target, the camera will automatically look at the center of the bounding box.


What is a bounding box?
A bounding box defines the borders of the navigation area.


Do I have to set a bounding box?
Bounding boxes are necessary so you don’t get lost in your 3D file. If you don’t set a bounding box, edddison will create a bounding box around your whole project for you.


Why does edddison use a split screen mode?
edddison works in a split screen mode, where the interface is separated from the video display, making navigation much easier. The usage of a floor plan helps users to avoid getting lost in virtual space.
What is the difference between a webcam and the edddison camera?
edddison uses a high-quality camera and a megapixel lens. Webcams have lower image quality and need bigger markers. Make some tests using your webcam to figure out the appropriate paper size and marker size.


edddison VR
This solution does not work in a split screen mode. The edddison controller app can be used by an operator for easier navigation and control.


How can I use Unity or Unreal exe files?
edddison will start automatically when an exe starts.


What file formats can I import into the media viewer?
Pictures can be imported in .png, .jpg, .jpeg and .gif. The same applies for slide shows.
Videos can be imported in .mp4 format.


My video is not in .mp4 format. What do I do?
Videos can be converted easily with different programs (video converter). There is a wide variety of programs available online.


Can I import plans in .pdf?
At the moment, this is not possible. Just convert your plan into a picture (.png, .jpg, .jpeg or .gif) and then import it.


Can I import PowerPoint files into the media viewer?
Unfortunately not, but there is an easy way to convert your ppt/pptx file into pictures. Microsoft PowerPoint offers the option of saving your presentation as a picture. Use the “Save As” button and then select .jpg or .png.


How do I save my edddison project?
The name of your project is chosen when creating a project. edddison will save your project automatically, so you don’t have to do anything extra. If you want to rename your project or duplicate it, you can do this in the “New/Open Project” window.


How do I pass on my edddison files to my clients?
In the “New/Open Project” window in edddison, you have the option to export your files, so you can pass them on. Here you will also find the “Import Project” button to import existing files. Do not forget to send the 3D file separately.


I am using a long USB cable and the camera has stopped working. What do I do?
USB is not made for use with long cables. However, with a USB repeater cable, 20 m or perhaps more are possible.


What ports for firewall do I have to configure?
Remoteport 123/UDP enabled
Localport 55555/UDP enabled
Protocol TCP enabled


Which browsers are supported by the edddison browser app?
Google Chrome is recommended, as well as most other browsers. Apple Safari is not working with our browser app.


Which cameras can I use to track markers?
Every camera connected to a Windows computer running edddison. Using a better camera will result in better tracking and the possibility to use smaller markers.



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