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Order Process

  1. Choose the software add-on you want to buy. edddison is available for Autodesk Navisworks, Autodesk 3ds Max Interactive, Sketchup, Unreal Engine, Unity and Interviews3D. Siemens plant simulation is beta.
  2. Send a request to inbox[at]edddison.com. We will send you an offer then.


For students and pupils

Students get edddison software products for free.

Go to Education Pricing and fill out the form.
Please send a proof of eligibility issued by the faculty/institution with current date, your full name and institution name to inbox[at]edddison.com. We accept School ID cards, Report cards, testimonials, Tuition bills or statements.


Academic institutions like universities and schools get 25% off

Send a request to inbox[at]edddison.com. We will send you an offer then.


Where do I get the newest prices?

Prices are available here.


Do I need an account to order?

Yes. The advantages of an account include the possibility to download software, manage license keys etc.


I want to purchase a bulk order. What are my options?

Drop us a note at sales[at]edddison.com and let us know what you are interested in. We will happily support your efforts.


What are the accepted payment methods?

Payment in advance or ask us.

Information on incoming wire transfer:
Below is the wire transfer information for edddison technologies. Banks deduct fees prior to crediting our account with your payment, so please ensure that you wire enough funds to cover the bank fees and foreign exchange rates. Please instruct your banking institution to use our order number in the “topic” section, so we can identify the funds.

Beneficiary Bank:
Bank Name:
Steiermärkische Bank und Sparkassen AG
Bank account title:
Philipp Reiter / edddison technologies
Bank Address: Sparkassenplatz 4 Account No.: 411 553 34
Zip Code: 8010 Bank Code: 20815
City: Graz IBAN: AT41 2081 5000 4115 5334
Country: Austria BIC: STSPAT2GXXX

Currency: EUR


Please note that if your order contains digital goods such as downloads as well as physical goods, we will split up the order in two invoices. Invoices for digital goods are delivered by E-Mail. Invoices for physical goods are included in the package.


How much tax do I have to pay?

All our products have a 20% tax.
If you live in Austria you have to pay taxes for your purchase.
If you live in the European Union and you provide us a valid VAT-ID you do not have to pay taxes, otherwise you have to pay taxes.
If you live outside the European Union your purchases are tax free.



Can I have a separate billing and shipping address?
No. It is not possible to enter a different shipping address.


Can I track my order?
Yes. We will send you an E-mail notifying you when the items have been dispatched. This E-Mail includes the tracking number of the parcel. You can use your tracking number to track your parcel right up to your door.


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