August 25th, 2014       News - by Julia Herold

How to use my Revit, Max, Maya, Cinema4D and other 3D files with edddison.

The best way is to use Unity3D which works with edddison.

There is the option to import various types of files into Unity. Unity can work with exported file formats such as .fbx or .obj or proprietary 3D application files, such as .max or .blend.

For more information about file formats and advantages or disadvanteges of different formats, check out the Unity documentation.

Unity also offers detailed information about how to import your 3D data directly from most common 3D apps. You can find information and help about the following programs in the Unity documentation:

– Blender

– Lightwave

– Modo

– 3DS Studio Max

– Cinema 4D

– Maya

If your 3D app is not in the list above, don’t worry, you still have the possibilty to import your 3D data in .fbx or any other exchange format.
See here to find a guide for .fbx import.

There is not only lots of information in the Unity documentation, also youtube offers a range of Unity tutorials. Here is a selection, of what we found most useful:

General info about the basic controls and how to import models.

– Import 3DS Studio Max files

– Import Maya files

– Import Cinema4D files

Carina Rumpler / edddison team


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