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Interactive visualization for Energie Steiermark

Energie Steiermark is currently planning one of the biggest education and training centers in Austria. The firm edddison technologies and their partner firm 3D-Schmiede, based in Graz, were chosen to create the interactive visualization.




To cover the ever-growing need for professional workers, Energie Steiermark will be investing heavily in apprentice training. The goal is to take in up to 40 percent more apprentices in the coming years than ever before. This will be made possible by building a modern education and training center focused on green energy. This project called “E-Campus” was designed by the Graz architect Markus Pernthaler.

Planning and visualization phase

The “E-Campus” project is being planned using Building Information Modeling (or BIM for short). This process is based on a virtual CAD 3D model coupled with other relevant project information. This 3D model can be easily visualized, thus providing numerous advantages for planners and employers. For instance, employees and managers can better envision the architecture, the construction process and its individual phases as well as the environment and facilities. This allows them to make decisions faster and more effectively.

The firm edddison technologies and their partner firm Austria 3D-Schmiede, based in Graz, were chosen to create the interactive visualization. To develop it, they are using Epic’s Unreal software and their edddison plugin. In terms of hardware, they are employing an HP Sprout Pro desktop computer combined with 3D printed models. The Sprout Pro by HP comes with a monitor, a powerful CPU and an integrated projector and camera, creating the perfect workstation to create easily controlled presentations.


Initially, the Revit 3D model will be imported and processed in the Autodesk 3ds Max animation program. The Unreal model will then be imported using the Datasmith software. Lastly, a creative interactive concept will be developed and implemented using edddison.

About Unreal

Unreal is one of the best and most successful real-time 3D engines right now, providing professional workflows. With the help of the Datasmith software, various CAD formats can be important effortlessly.



English Press Release [pdf]

German Press Release [pdf]


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