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edddison and KOMMERZ – how are the two companies related

edddison’s mission is to provide tools users need to create, design and present 3D data in an intuitive and natural way. KOMMERZ sells visuals – from interactive applications and animations to renderings.


The creative firm KOMME®Z was founded by the architect Thomas Kienzl as a design and 3D consultancy. The company has been developing visual medias (interactive applications, videos and images) for the AEC (Architecture & Engineering & Construction) and design industries for 20 years.

About 9 years ago, the company began developing a real-time 3D system. A team of architects and software specialists headed by the company’s founder was looking for a solution to simplify interactive walkthroughs and presentations. Have a look at our first prototype on Youtube from 2006

These efforts resulted in the MRI (Mixed Reality Interface), which quickly captured the attention of experts, establishing the company as a pioneer in the field of interactive 3D solutions. Over the following years, the team primarily focused on creating individual customer projects for clients such as Daimler, DPR, Egger Wood, Magna, Noika, ÖBB, Autodesk, Permasteelisa, the City of Vienna, the City of Istanbul, and the Technical Museum Vienna, among others. Please note that all these projects were customized.

Company edddison

Why did we invent edddison? As everyone knows, 3D is currently booming in the worlds of construction, presentation, the Web, gaming and manufacturing, and the demand to interact with this data is soaring. So we went looking for a solution that would allow our clients to create their own interactive 3D presentations, without the need of programming skills and external consulting agencies.

Now with edddison we offer a standard solution for turning 3D files into an interactive experience. Our mission is to give users the tools they need to create, design and present 3D content on their own. With the new tool users can integrate their own hardware platforms (like iPads) and interfaces and synchronize them with standard 3D software like Autodesk, Trimble or Unity3D products.

So both brands are still under one roof. We believe that the input of the consulting and development team is a great creative mixture for developing a brand new product like edddison. We are a small team (12 people), but that is our big advantage. The consulting team knows exactly what clients need and sharing the same office with the development team leads to creative synergies capable of developing great products.


edddison is a brand of KOMMERZ

and is developing and selling standard solutions to create interactive 3D presentations based on standard 3D software like Unity, SketchUp, Navisworks and in future others.

Written by Thomas Kienzl


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