edddison for Interviews3D

Turn your Interviews3D model into an interactive presentation for anyone. Created for users not trained in operating 3D software.




edddison for Interviews3D
Free Version (14 days)
edddison for Interviews3D
Per seat subscription license
edddison for Interviews3D
Floating subscription license

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edddison for Interviews 3D is available through 3DInteractive.


For ordering or questions write an E-Mail to inbox@edddison.com or go to 3dinteractive.de.


Includes: Editor, Plug-in, Apps for Android and iOS, Tracking software, controller

• Works on Windows 7, 8 and 10

• Works with Interviews 2018 or higher

• Controller apps available for Android and Apple

• Download the feature list (PDF)

Questions? Go to the Sales FAQs site.
Contact us if you need permanent licenses, bulk order or if you have any specific demand at inbox@edddison.com.




Components and key features


edddison editor

Easy-to-use editor for designing interactive applications

plug-in + real-time

Plug-in works bi-directionally in real-time

touchscreen app

Apps for navigation for iOS, Android and Windows

edddison tracking

Use a camera and tangible objects to navigate and interact with the 3D models


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