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Why interact with 3D files?

Why interact with 3D files?

Why interact with 3D files?

Communicating ideas is an important aspect of business. As everybody knows, a perfect presentation is crucial to winning contracts. Explaining complex technologies is difficult and time-consuming. It is hard to present these in a way that clients and stakeholders can understand and visualize.

Whether they are used to manage a project, prototype, market, sell, train, exhibit, or visualize, interactive 3D apps create a bridge between product designers, sales staff and customers and enable the articulation of ideas in an effective manner.

The current situation

Usually, presentations are like being in the cinema. On the screen, a movie or PowerPoint slides, with the audience sitting opposite. The audience members are in a passive role. Perhaps they are sleeping, or thinking about their new girlfriend or the cool car they drove on the weekend  who knows! Many things are running through their minds; their attention is elsewhere.

How it should be

We all know we can attract people’s attention with interactive presentations. This means getting people involved and letting them do something.

edddison tools are the way to achieve this

The preparation, handling and navigation of 3D files is tricky and requires technical skills, as well as training and experience with the software itself. That’s the real challenge of using 3D software in presentations.

edddison meets this challenge by simplifying the process of creating and controlling interactive 3D apps. edddison allows designers to collaborate, salesmen to demonstrate, and key stakeholders to make decisions quickly.

To see how it works, watch the video

Similar to the way in which CMS has revolutionized the creation of websites, we are offering a CMS for 3D stuff.



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