User groups

edddison is Powerpoint for 3D

When we need to describe edddison we tell people, who have absolutely no idea about real-time 3D, that edddison is PowerPoint for 3D, since edddison facilitates the preparation of interactive applications and let users navigate easily through 3D data.

We are aware that for an application like edddison there are several types of users. We divided them in two main groups or classes. The first user group is a common user, not necessarily interested in scripting or any other technical issue. These users are usually determined to set up a very convincing 3D presentation for a meeting. Their pace is fast and their necessities punctual; they need tools to capt the attention of managers, stakeholders and clients involving them in decisions making on the spot. These users are not looking for a wide range of sophisticated software features, but rather for easy to work environments to persuade third parties.These users need then fast preparation, affordable prices and simple and flexible technology.

Let’s call them final users”, those who

– have to explain, sell, present, and make decisions on the spot.
– like to present buildings, design reviews and simple serious games.
– make walk throughs in virtual rooms.
– want to interact quickly with 3D content.
– want to create convincing apps but have a very basic or nor technical background.No programming skills are required to create the presentation.
– Use well known, proofed, existing 3D software. It is possible to work with eddison within a familiar environment.

edddison is mainly made for architects, engineers, CAD workers, designers, marketers, exhibition designers, curators, movie set designers and so on and can be used to create interactive 3D apps that can be used for visualization, digital prototyping, BIM, sales, design review, presenting initial ideas, sharing ideas with colleges, and much much more.

The other group is build from advanced users”

This class includes users like developers, agencies, visualization studios, media designers, 3D artists, and institutions of higher education; persons that usually work in companies that need to create complex applications require extra software options for more advanced presentations; for them we are creating edddison pro (Available forth quarter 2014). But developers and technology partners still do not need any programming skills.

Possible applications include diverse industries and areas as serious games, advanced BIM, saling tools, advanced visualization projects, exhibition design and complex applications.

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edddison is an authoring tool for non-programmers to create interactive 3D applications. edddison offers a user interface for non-professionals, simplifies the navigation and handling of 3D models.

Unity3D 5.x or higher
Unreal Engine 4.15 or higher
Autodesk Navisworks Simulate and Manage 2015 or higher
Trimble SketchUp Pro and Make 2014 or higher (Desktop Versions)
Tecnomatix Plant Simulation 15.0 or higher

edddison works in a split screen mode, where the interface is separated from the 3D display, making navigation much easier. The usage of a floor plan helps users to avoid getting lost in virtual space.

No. You can present your project using a tablet, touchscreen or use your webcam and printed barcodes.

PC with Windows 10 or 11 + supported 3D software

End user: People who have no idea about to prepare a real-time 3D application. This user group are mainly managers, client, architects, designers, marketers, sales reps and they need tools to capture the attention of colleagues, managers, stakeholders and clients and get them involved in making decisions on the spot.
Professional user: This group has technical background, like developers, engineers, visualization and media designers, 3D artists etc. Persons that usually create 3D files and realtime applications.

Find out more in the edddison Documentation