Terms of use

1. General

The requirement for the use of the edddison.com website is the consent of the user to the following terms of use. In the case that the user does not consent, the use of the website is prohibited. The operator of the website edddison.com is the “edddison technologies”. edddison is a brand of “edddison technologies”.

2. Copyright

The contents of edddison.com and the information provided on it are protected by copyright. Unless otherwise agreed in the license agreement, they are not allowed to be copied, dispersed, rented, lent, or exploited in any other way. Violators may face trademark, copyright or competition lawsuits, as well as other (legal) consequences.

3. Linking und Framing

The operator allows all hyperlinks that do not modify the contents of the website edddison.com in any way and maintain recognition of the origin of these contents, as well as present the website edddison.com in its entirety. The contents of websites, which are linked to edddison.com, must meet all requirements as stipulated by the relevant legal provisions. The use of the edddison logo requires the prior written consent of the operator. Representation of the contents of the website edddison.com using frames is not permitted. Links to websites that contain illegal, insulting or otherwise offensive contents are not permitted. The operator reserves all its rights in this case. Links on the website edddison.com constitute no assessment subjective evaluation of any kind of the contents of the linked websites. In particular, the operator accepts no liability for the correctness, comprehensiveness, legality, objectivity, and current status of these contents.

4. Transmission of Information

Users of the website edddison.com have the possibility to subscribe to a newsletter and convey information (forum). By transmitting these data on the website edddison.com, the user automatically gives their consent to the terms of use. The operator assumes no liability whatsoever for errors during transmission of data and for the legality of the transmitted information. By transferring information the user gives explicit consent for use of this information by the operator in the context of the terms of use and privacy statement. The consent relates to all types of use. The operator has the right to duplicate, distribute, delete, modify as well as publish the transmitted information elsewhere. The operator has the right to monitor, control, not to publish and without giving reason to delete the information at any time.

5. Software

The website edddison.com offers software for download. The use of this software is subject to the respective license conditions. Requests for the purchase of software licenses on edddison.com always constitute a request by the user for an offer. The offer to purchase software licenses is made by the user. The operator has the right to decline the offer without giving a reason. Silence does not indicate acceptance of the offer.

6. Warranty

The operator does not take on any liability of any kind for the correctness, legality, objectivity, and current status of the contents made available on the website edddison.com. The operator has the right to adjust, modify and delete the complete website as well as its contents in part or in whole at any time without advanced notice.

7. Liability

The operator assumes no liability whatsoever for any type of damage (in particular for tangible damage , loss of profit, frustrated expenditures, damage to data, data loss, loss of business, enrichment law claims, cost from legal advice, inter alia) that is caused by use of the website, temporary or lengthy loss of use of the website (downtime), limited availability of the website and the contents found on it, erroneous representation of contents, representation of outside contents and representation of links. In the case of damage or destruction of hardware, software and other databases that is caused by the use of the website edddison.com and its content, the operator is not liable. The regulations apply irrespective of the legal basis of the claim, irrespective of the degree of fault and regardless of whether the operator knew or could have known of the possibility of damage. In particular, there is neither liability for contractual nor for non-contractual claims.

8. Application of Law

The operator assumes no liability whatsoever for the legality of the website edddison.com and its contents as might arise under foreign legal systems. When using the website edddison.com and the software obtained on the website, users have to adhere in particular to the relevant export regulations. The operator reserves its rights in the case of infringement.

9. Modifications

The operator has the right to modify and update these terms of use at any time and without advanced notice. The current revision of the actual terms of use is binding and is published on the website edddison.com. Users of the website edddison.com can consult the terms of use at any time to familiarize themselves with any changes.

Modified October 1st, 2023

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edddison is an authoring tool for non-programmers to create interactive 3D applications. edddison offers a user interface for non-professionals, simplifies the navigation and handling of 3D models.

Unity3D 5.x or higher
Unreal Engine 4.15 or higher
Autodesk Navisworks Simulate and Manage 2015 or higher
Trimble SketchUp Pro and Make 2014 or higher (Desktop Versions)
Tecnomatix Plant Simulation 15.0 or higher

edddison works in a split screen mode, where the interface is separated from the 3D display, making navigation much easier. The usage of a floor plan helps users to avoid getting lost in virtual space.

No. You can present your project using a tablet, touchscreen or use your webcam and printed barcodes.

PC with Windows 10 or 11 + supported 3D software

End user: People who have no idea about to prepare a real-time 3D application. This user group are mainly managers, client, architects, designers, marketers, sales reps and they need tools to capture the attention of colleagues, managers, stakeholders and clients and get them involved in making decisions on the spot.
Professional user: This group has technical background, like developers, engineers, visualization and media designers, 3D artists etc. Persons that usually create 3D files and realtime applications.

Find out more in the edddison Documentation