edddison projection kit

Build your own interactive table. The table shows the floor plan, while the secondary display shows the 3D representation on the screen.

edddison simplifies the navigation and handling of 3D files and combines existing 3D software and hardware input devices in one system.

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edddison projection kit

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People enjoy haptic activities and intuitive controls. Easy-to-use tangible objects address these preferences by enabling “multi-hand control”. Control objects can be produced using 3D printers, laser cutters, or simply by printing a marker on a piece of paper.


Read how to build your own edddison projection table


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what you need:



you can use your favorite projector

Windows PC

Windows PC
running 3D software

housing with glass slab

construct your housing with glass slab


what you get:



high quality camera and lens

chassis connectors


camera bracket

to hold your camera

rear projection film

specialized projection film 700x1000 mm


USB cable

for camera connection

LED stripes and brackets

2 750 mm + 2 550 mm
including 12V transformer and brackets

basic control object

little eddd (40 mm) for navigation

marker stickers

Sheets with self-adhesive markers


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