Walk through a building

before it is built

Gain people's attention

with convincing presentations


clients, stakeholders and managers

Made for everyone

who is planning a building, designing a car or selling a product

Made for users not trained in operating
3D software.

Create – Use your existing 3D file

edddison offers plugins for Autodesk Navisworks, Autodesk 3ds Max Interactive, Unreal, Unity 3D, SketchUp.

Design – your interactive app

A powerful “easy-to-use” Editor enables you to design an interactive application without programming skills.

Present,  Show & Share

Present with input devices like tablets, mixed reality tools, Sprout Pro by HP and touchscreens.

Success stories

Envision construction processes

Experience virtual projects

Learn about infrastructure projects

Make perfect presentations

Understand complex technologies

Experience materials


Explore Architecture

edddison is a communication tool to visualize, hold meetings, make decisions and convince clients.

Let your design speak

Designers, architects, managers and stakeholders quickly understand the impact of their decisions.

Experience, train, teach and understand

By using edddison you can create applications to facilitate understanding and learning.

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